An important announcement from the Northpoint Team

Greetings from Northpoint Bible College,


Thank you for your interest and planned attendance of our upcoming Discover Day event. Considering recent developments, and in harmony with the example of other local colleges and universities, we are cancelling on-campus classes, chapel, and Discover Day. 


As a team we were excited, ready, and looking forward to hosting you. We are sincerely disappointed not to have you on campus. The great news is you can still find out all of the important information about Northpoint and have all of your questions answered. We will be inviting you to a special “live, online Discover Day event”. More details will follow soon.


Additionally, we will be setting the next few weeks aside for answering all of the questions you may have planned to ask at Discover Day. If you would like to schedule a phone call to learn more about programs, financial aid, admissions, housing, or other college matters, Northpoint Recruitment Coordinator, Bryce Johnson would be happy to schedule that with you!

Please contact us today with any questions: Call 616-988-5531 or email