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The Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology is a 48-credit program featuring concentrations in Pastoral Leadership Development and Preaching. Students experience the journey in a cohort fashion, taking two modular courses (six credits) every four months. The seated sessions are held on campus for one business week during the fall, winter, and early summer. This arrangement allows students to obtain a quality education without relocating, build meaningful relationships with others in the cohort, and enjoy times of instruction and personal interaction in the classroom.

The next cohort begins in August 2025.



Master of Arts in Practical Theology

Credits: 48 


Accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education [ABHE], a Federal Department of Education recognized accreditor and member of the Council for Higher Education [CHEA].

Next Program Date: 

Fall, 2025 – Spring, 2028


8 Semesters, One Week in Class per Semester


Total Cost: TBD

Courses Include:

  • Theological Thinking Research and Writing

  • Introduction to Hermeneutics

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Pentecostal Foundations for Theology and Ministry

  • Old Testament Theology

  • Unity of the Bible

  • New Testament Theology

  • History of Christian Thought: Apostolic Fathers


Preaching Concentration

The Preaching Concentration is designed to equip pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and ministry students to preach with greater ability, and confidence. Upon completion of this degree the graduate will be able to practice genre sensitive biblical interpretation, build sermons that maintain listener interest, and engage in audience analysis.

[Cohort Max: 12 People]

Pastoral Leadership Development

The Pastoral Leadership Development Concentration equips church and para-church ministry leaders to become Spirit-led, strategic thinkers. Graduates will be able to synthesize leadership theory, lead from a Scriptural perspective, and build effective ministry communities.

[Cohort Max: 15 People]

Courses Include:

  • Exegetical Foundations for Preaching

  • Theology, History and Practice of Preaching

  • Expository Preaching

  • Narrative Preaching

  • Preaching for Spiritual Formation

  • Preaching for Modern Listeners

  • Preaching the Great Themes

  • Internship or Directed Mentorship Project

Courses Include:

  • Leadership Discovery: The Call of God

  • Human Resource Development

  • Biblical Leadership Models

  • Leading a Multidimensional Organization

  • Leadership and Organizational Culture

  • Team Leadership Development

  • Leading Change

  • Internship or Directed Mentorship Project


Preaching & Leadership Cohort Combined

  • Dr. Eliza Bast - Adjunct

  • Dr. David Arnett - President of Northpoint Bible College, Haverhill, MA​

  • Dr. Glenn M. Balfour - Guest Lecturer; President of Mattersey Hall, UK

  • Dr. Daniel Crabtree - Adjunct

  • Dr. Dan Howell - Academic Dean, Northpoint Bible College, Haverill, MA

  • Dr. Keith Bergquist - Adjunct

  • Dr. Brian Lidbeck - Academic Dean, Northpoint Bible College, Grand Rapids Campus

  • Dr. Dennis Moles - Adjunct

  • Dr. Lori O'Dea - Adjunct

  • Dr. Robert Eby - Guest Lecturer

  • Dr. Robin Routledge - Guest Lecturer; Academic Dean, Mattersey Hall, UK

  • Dr. Charles Self - Adjunct

  • Dr. Rogers Steven Warner - Guest Lecturer

  • Dr. Howard Young - Adjunct

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