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Here are some valuable tools to empower the ministries and organizations that you lead.

You can't read them all!

The challenges that we face in life and ministry require invested learning. 
But where do you start searching for the right tools and information that will best help your specific need?
As we evaluate and vet our textbooks and recommended resources, we want to share not only what we've found
but also why and how it could be helpful to you and your ministry.

We want ALL of our students to see growth and health in three main areas: sexuality, emotional intelligence, and academics.
Click on the area below that you are looking to resource to see our rubrics and lists. 

Emotional Health


J.P. Dorsey is a seasoned speaker and educator;

he specializes in sexual and emotional health topics and ministry leadership.

President Dorsey invites individuals to explore these topics from a biblical framework,

encouraging personal and spiritual growth. 

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